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Ghostchapel is an epic music project founded in 2020 that is influenced by different musical styles.

Ghostchapel tells the story of Ariane, a young woman who was murdered after her wedding.


In 1970 John Bleach, a young photographer, took some photos of the chapel showing a young woman in a white dress with an ax in her hand.

It appears to be the ghost of Ariane. Because her husband's severed head was found in a forest near the chapel.

Anker 1

The photo shows the place near the chapel from which the skull was found. The ax stuck in the ground, but the rest of the body has never been found

When policeman Dan Harvey photographed the severed head from a different perspective, he could hardly believe his eyes. Is the figure in the background really the ghost of Ariane or the product of strange lighting conditions?


The Polaroid was made in the early nineties. It seems like Ariane is still returning to the chapel.

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